Jog A Thon – May 18th!

Our 2018 Jog A Thon will be held during school on Friday, May 18th. A recent school assembly informed the students of the exciting prizes they have a chance to win and the prize for the school’s goal of 30K- an inflatable obstacle course on Field Day!

Each child received an information packet which includes a list of all the prizes, all the ways you can collect pledges***, the times your child’s grade will be running, how to purchase an Encouragement Poster, and a list of all our Generous Sponsors!

***We are using 99Pledges as another way to reach family/friends for Jog a Thon donations. As long as we have an email address on file, you should be receiving an email with a link to your child’s pledge page.

If you do not receive the email for whatever reason, please refer to documents uploaded to Konstella.

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