As always, the annual Pleasant Valley Halloween Happening was AMAZING!!! This is one of PV’s most anticipated events and it takes many, many volunteers to pull off. Each year, the crew is pushed to the limit with pulling in volunteers, building and organizing this creative, entertaining fundraiser and 2018 was no exception. It would not have happened without the talent and patience of Jen Carlomagno, Audra Drake, Doreen Gurrola, Alicia Green, Garth Wells, David Waldorf, the Fillingers, Alison Coelho, Raquel Nolan, Kris Starn, Summer Nicklasson and Nick Williams, and all the other wonderful ghoul and goblin volunteers. It takes a HUGE village to create Halloween Happening and the infamous Spooky Swamp!   Special thanks also to the Band from Sinaloa (with PV Alums) who were there to play some haunted tunes at the beginning… All the kids and the entire PV community had a terrific time! Thank you!


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