This year at Pleasant Valley we are really focusing on developing our “culture of caring”and promoting a strong sense of community and pride in our school. We want to ensure that everyone – students, staff, and family members – feels like they BELONG at PV. One way we hope to accomplish this is by becoming a DO GOOD, BE KIND school. The entire premise of the Do Good, be Kind mission is to encourage people to take action and to DO good work. Words and good intentions are not enough. We must actively be kind and caring, not only for the benefit of others, but also for our own well-being. Being kind to others actually makes people feel better about themselves!
The new PV Code of Behavior is as follows:
Be Respectful
Be Kind
Be Responsible
Be Safe
Be Healthy
We will have many conversations with students about what each of these behaviors looks like so that we all have a similar understanding. For example, “Be Respectful” covers the gamut from respecting ourselves to respecting other children and adults, to respecting the world around us. Each of these areas will be further explored and defined throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to have conversations with their children about each of these character traits.
Here’s a look at what the introduction to “Do Good Be Kind” looked like for our students and staff at Pleasant Valley during the first full week of school.

Monday: Kick-off Assemblies with Chris and Brittany. All staff will wore DGBK t-shirts. Main message was

“What you do is proof of who you are.”

 5 things I can tell myself every day (Positive Affirmations):

  • I am Smart
  • I am Brave
  • I am Grateful
  • I am Kind and Caring
  • I am Loved


Be Kind to Yourself.

Ideas: This has to do with our mind, body, and “spirit” or emotion. Taking care of ourselves is important. 

  • Positive Affirmations that we used and you and the teachers can add to:  I am Smart, I am Brave, I am Grateful, I am Kind, I am Loved
  • Take time to exercise. Eat healthy foods to fuel our brains and bodies and get good rest
  • Pay attention to our thoughts. When a negative thought enters our head, take a deep breath and use one of the affirmations
  • Allow yourself quiet time. 


Be Kind to Others

Ideas: When we are feeling down or having a bad day, helping others is a great way for us to feel lifted and grateful.

  • Have the students write an affirmation to a classmate, teacher, yard-supervisor, crossing guard, lunch help etc. 
  • Encourage the students to meet a new friend or welcome someone new to a “group” 
  • Recognize when students encourage a classmate who might be learning a new challenge or showing bravery 


Be Kind to the World Around You

Ideas: Small actions by a lot of people can go a long way to making the world a better place. 


  • Plant something (flower, vegetables etc.) 
  • Pick up garbage on the school grounds, around the yard, neighborhood
  • Organize a neighborhood pick-up
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to school (most do this already) 
  • Walk or ride a bike to school (check two boxes)
  • Push an errant shopping cart back
  • Allow the class to brainstorm – help them get beyond  

Friday  All School Wrap-up Assembly was held in the MPR

  • Each student was given a Do Good Be Kind T-shirt to wear every Friday for our DGBK Spirit Days.
  • A short rally was held in the MPR  After the assembly, we all made our way to the lower grade playground for a whole-school picture in our t-shirts. Photos will be available to view in each classroom starting sometime next week.
  • The banner for the “Fill this Fence with Kindness” was hung on the green fence next to the back door into the staff lounge where 1st’3rd graders exit each day. We have begun filling the fence with tags of good deeds that we have done, or that we have witnessed, or that someone has done for us. All students will also receive DGBK wristbands to show that they are a part of the team.!
  • Throughout next week all students and staff members will sign our pledge banner to commit to doing good and being kind. I think I will bring it round to your classrooms over the next few days for people to sign. Once everyone has signed it, it will hang in the MPR.
It has truly been a magical and wonderful week. We want to continue to keep the goodness and kindness flowing, so every month we are going to focus on one theme. The theme for September is to Be Kind to Ourselves. It would be great for families to support this initiative at home by discussing it with your children and providing them with opportunities to practice the ideas mentioned above. Also, every Friday will be our Do Good Be Kind spirit day, and everyone is encouraged to wear their t-shirts on those days. Huge thanks to our PTA for making this event possible.
In addition, here is a short message from Chris and Brittany:
“Hi PV Parents! We had such a fantastic week sharing Do Good. Be Kind. with your kids!  We are so impressed with your school and the culture that exists there – we feel lucky to be a part of something so special! On Friday, each student came home with a rad new t-shirt with our signature logo on front and the PV logo on the sleeve.  What a great combo, right?
As a THANK YOU to Pleasant Valley, the PTA, and all of YOU, we want you to give back a little.  Starting Friday, if you visit and purchase any of our signature products, we will give back 10% of the sale to your PTA and give you free shipping!  Just use the code PVLOVE at checkout.  We welcome all of you to the Do Good. Be Kind. Team and can’t wait to see 450+ new team members ripple into our community.  We love you Pleasant Valley!”
-Chris and Brittany

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