Have you reached your wits end with your child leaving things at school? As the Lost & Found fills up rapidly again, we TRULY sympathize.

We asked around and here are a few tried and true ideas from our staff on how to get your kid to be more responsible when it comes to their belongings at school.

  • Park far away near the back gate for pick-up and when your kid gets to the car without something, make him/her turn around and walk straight back to get it. Nobody likes that. Cured my son of his forgetfulness after having to walk back about five times. – Mrs. Penny
  • I took my son to Goodwill to buy a replacement jacket. Gave him $10 and said to buy two. He never lost his jacket again. – Mrs. Spaan
  • Put their name in EVERYTHING. When my son was on an 8th Grade trip he left his phone, watch and jacket on the airport security conveyer within minutes after leaving my side. Days later, I was able to retrieve it all from airport security because his name was in his jacket. – Mrs. OK
  • Hydroflasks are a common missing item these days. Make your child pay for the replacement hydroflask if they lose the first one. – Every 5th Grade Mom


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